FLATpack  (only available by order of 20 pieces or more)

FLATpack is a DMX512 controlled 25-fold dimmer pack that functions on a single phase 230[V].
The maximum load for each channel is 220W; the maximum total load for the pack is 3700W.
The dimmer is based on leading edge phase control (‘inductive’ dimmer) and is equipped with a new type TRIAC. This new type TRIAC is internal protected against over voltage and needs no snubber circuitry; it can resist voltage spikes of 2000V caused by inductive loads.
FLATpack is extreme compact and light weighted. The dimensions are 416x140x47[mm]; weight is 2,45[kg]. You can mount FLATpack in a 19inch rack with the optional 19inch brackets-set or you can fasten it to a wall with the optional wall-stand-off straps. The build-in height for a 19inch rack is 2HE. FLATpack is equipped with a little blower at the topside. The blower is controlled electronically, and it has a step-free speed-adjustment.
The pack is protected against internal over temperatures. In case the internal temperature gets higher than 70 degrees Celsius, the output goes down to zero. As soon as the temperature gets below 60 degrees, the output gets gradually to the level corresponding the DMX input.
The mains connection consists of a 3-pole WAGO clamp, suitable till 16[A]. The outlets consist of five 7-pole WAGO connectors: 5x Out, Neutral, Ground. FLATpack will be delivered including the cable part of these outlet connectors. They are equipped with clamp-connections and a strain relief.
For each dimmer channel you can choose a specific control curve: non-dim, linear, electronic trafo and  S-curve. The latest option is adjust to a standard light bulb. The default set up is: ‘S-curve’. Besides, you can set a global 'Pre-HEATING'.
The user-interface is equipped with a button [SELECT digit]. With this button you can set quickly the DMX address. Each output is fused internal with a sub-miniature fuse of 1[A]/slow. On the printed circuit board you find 4 spare fuses.
The dimmer pack must be placed well ventilated. The maximum environment temperature is 32 degrees Celsius  
  • 25 dimmers in one package
  • Meant for all kinds of load
  • Dimmer smoothing 9-bits (step width 1/512) in case of S-curve and ‘Electronic trafo’.
  • Outputs internal protected against inductive voltage spikes till 2000[V]
  • 3-digit led display for setting and displaying the DMX address and control curves
  • DMXin/through on 5-pole Neutrik PCB mounted connectors (no internal wiring)
  • DMX512 input galvanic isolated, fail save for open input and protected against over voltage. 
  • Led indication for DMX512 present
  • Outputs internal protected against overload and short-circuit by means of fuses; sub-miniature 1[A]/slow. Four spare fuses are placed on the PCB.
  • In case of a blowed fuse the number of the corresponding dimmer will be displayed
  • Temperature control by means of a electronically controlled blower
  • Blower fail check at power-on
  • Led indication for over temperature
  • Dimmer load 10 tot 220[W]
  • Total package load 3700[W] @ T-environment=32[Celsius]
  • Outputs on five 7-pole WAGO connectors. Cable part with strain relief will be included.
  • Mains connection on 3-pole WAGO cage clamps, 16[A]
  • Dimensions 416x140x47[mm]
  • Weight 2,45[kg]
  • Lightlife, Cologne Germany: Kubik open air disco in Berlin, Barcelona and Lisboa (see special projects)
  • Jimmy Woo - discotheque - Amsterdam (Heiniken TV-spots)
  • T-mobile - head-office - The Hague (mobile phone company)
  • Mansveld elektro-communicatie
  • Phillips Nederland
  • NA Greg Kellum, Berlin
  • Theaterschool Amsterdam
  • Lichtpunt Theatertechniek
Manual: Accessories: 
  • 19inch brackets-set 
  • wall stand off straps  

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