The SWITCHbox8 is a DMX controlled switchbox. You can switch the mains power to eight schuko outlets and the pins of a 16-pole harting like connector. New in this design is the hybrid switch topology; a power relay is combined with a snubberless triac. Because of this special approach you can drive ohmic loads as well as inductive loads from 0 up till 2.5[kW]. This approach leads to a very small and lightweight form factor. SWITCHbox8 comes with a three-phase mains connection cable, assembled with a 32[A] male 5-pole CEE-form connector.
  • 8 switches in a package.
  • Outputs on schuko and 16-pole Harting like connector
  • Output protection by means of internal ceramic fuses, 12.5[A]/slow
  • Meant for all kinds of load: inductive, ohmic and capacitive
  • 3-digit led display for setting and displaying the DMX address
  • DMX512 input galvanic isolated, fail save for open input and protected against over voltage. 
  • Led indication for DMX512 present
  • DMX-switching threshold internal selectable through jumper-settings: 2% or 50%
  • Hold of DMX-data by lost of signal  can be set on or off
  • All components are PCB mounted (no internal wiring)
  • Very compact design suitable for distributed placement
  • Mains: 5-pole CEE-form connector 32[A] assembled with 1[m] cable: 3P+N+E, or optional one phase: 1P+N+E
  • Capacity: Nominal current: 12,5[A], Max switching current: 200[A]
  • DMX-input: 5 pole XLR male, NEUTRIK, PCB- mounted 
  • DMX-through: 5- pole XLR  female, NEUTRIK, PCB- mounted 
  • Gé Wegman - freelance light designer - Amsterdam
  • Toneelgroep Amsterdam - theatre company
  • Alex d'Elektrique - theater company - Amsterdam
  • Orkater - theatre company - Amsterdam
  • Noord Nederlands Toneel - theatre company - Groningen
  • 345x190x110[mm]
  • Weight: 4,0 [kg]
  • truss clamps
  • wall mounting straps
  • adapter for an one phase mains connection