Matrix Master R2: to dim 40 times 60Watt
 Matrix Master is a 40 channel  DMX512 steered dimmer, based on IGBT's and complete short circuit proof. The maximum load for each dimmer is 60[W].
Particular this dimmer is designed to control light art objects, for example a matrix. Any case in which you need many control channels with a small load in a DMX steered environment the Matrix Master is the only choice. For it is designed to drive inductive and capacitive loads, which makes it suitable to dim almost ALL light sources. Smoothly it will dim lamps with conventional trafo's as well as lamps with electronic trafo's, standard halogen lamps, LED lines, LED fluorescent lights and LED bulbs and, the just new on the market, 230volt Acriche LEDs.
On the front panel you can set the DMX-address and select a control curve for each dimmer with the aid of a three digit led display and some push buttons. All settings are stored permanently in memory.
Easy installation: with five 9-pole WAGO cage clamp connectors (included in the delivery). Easy use: all instructions on front panel.
Matrix Master is fully digital- and a 100% printed circuit board design; there are no internal wirings. It comes in a flat (height=49[mm]) aluminium housing.

  • 40 dimmers in one package
  •  Dimmer load: maximum 60[W],  inductive and capacitive load
  •  Maximum ambience temperature 30 degrees Celsius
  •  Short circuit proof
  • Output  can be set parallel
  • 3-digit led display for setting and displaying the DMX address and control curves
  • DMXin/through on 5-pole Neutrik PCB mounted connectors (no internal wiring)
  • DMX512 input galvanic isolated, fail save for open input and protected against over voltage. 
  • Led indication for DMX512 present
  • Over temperature sensing per dimmer, with warning led and read out on led display
  • Temperature control by means of a electronically controlled blower
  • Blower failure check
  • 9 different control  curves selectable per dimmer
  • Dimmer load: maximum 60[W], inductive and capacitive load
  • Total package load 3500[W] @ max. T-environment=32[Celsius]
  • Outputs on five 9-pole WAGO connector's serie 231. Cable part with strain relief will be included.
  • Mains inlet: 3-pole 10[A], 230[V] Euro connector
  • Dimension:WxDxH=415x145x47[mm]
  • Weight: 1.77[kg]

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  • 19inch brackets-set 
  • wall stand off straps 

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