DimBOX12 is a digital 'one phase' 12-fold dimmerpack. There are two designs: portalbe and wall-mounted. The portable type is well suited for small theatre productions, bands, exhibitions. The wall-mounted type fits well in architectural environment: shops, musea etc.
DimBOX12 is based on the same electronic design as dimBLOCK and dimmypack: electronic power management based on RMS current measurement. It guarantees an overload free operation, which prevents any component stress. DimBOX12 can handle a 1[kW] channel load and a total pack load of 7,2 kW (by mains 32A). This design is extremely noiseless because of the absence of a blower.
The user interface of dimBOX12 is the same as the interface of the other Theater Technisch Lab dimmers. There is one remarkable difference: you can create and store scenes directly on the dimBOX. And you can play back those scenes with a  remote preset controller. This means in some situations you don't need a seperate lighting control desk.
Installment possibilities under installation dimmers.
DimBOX is the smallest member of the group of portable digital dimmers.
Other dimmers are FLATpackR3: 16x300[W], CUBYdim 24x2,5[kW], dimBLOCK 12x2.5[kW], dimmypack: 6x2,5[kW] and Tripack5: 3x5[kW].  
  • Standard
    • 12 schukos: for each channel schuko out
    • mains: 3-core cable 2,5 [mm2]


  • Capacity (T-Ambience max. 32[0C]): 7,2[kW]
  • Min. channel load 15[W]
  • Max. channel load 1[kW] 
  • Mains: 16/32[A], 230[V], 45-62[Hz]
  • input: MIDI / Remote Preset Controller/ RS232
  • output: RS232
  • 40[A] triacs
  • Dimensions: 410x205x125[mm]
  • Weight: 7.4[kg]
  • Housing: 2,5[mm] aluminium
  • VHS - Museum Bomans van Beuningen - Rotterdam
  • HVL - Frits Philipszaal - Eindhoven
  • WG theatertechniek - spoorwegmuseum
  • LUST - winkelinrichting - Den Haag
  • Papiertheater Invisius - puppeteer - Berlijn
  • Stichting Binnen/Buiten - puppeteer - Tilburg
  • Theatre Espace - puppeteer - Amsterdam
  • Pulcinella Theatertechniek - Arnhem
Manual: Features:
  • isolated DMX input (NEUTRIK connectors)
  • memory for 7 scenes (set of channel levels)
  • directly play back scenes from memory dimmer with remote preset controller
  • RMS current measurement
  • electronic short circuit protection
  • electronic overload protection
  • temperature monitor
  • channel pre-heating with led indication
  • channel non-dim setting with led indication
  • active ceramic fuse sensing with alarm
  • status menu with diagnostic channel data: DMXin, Load 
  • channel test button
  • 40[A] triacs protected against voltage spikes
  • triac & drivers placed in sockets
  • choice of 7 curves per dimmer, incl. non-dim
  • user interface with LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • GJC= Generator Jitter Compensation: prevents disfunction if powered by a portable generator
  • three years guarantee
  • Remote preset controller
  • Remote preset controller-W (build-in model)
  • Flightcase
  • Truss clamps (for 50[mm] truss) 
  • Wall straps
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