Cubydim voorkant


CUBYdim is an ultra lightweight 24x2,5KW dimmer rack with remarkable small dimensions. This rack is build-up with the following modules: two TDM12, two HSP12 and one PP63. The electronic specifications you find on the page about the 'buiding blocks for dimmer stacks'.
The flight case is made of Astra to minimize the total weight.
Other Theater Technisch Lab dimmers are: dimBLOCK 12x2.5[kW], Dimmypack: 6x2,5[kW], Tripack5: 3x5[kW], and DimBOX: 12x1[kW] and FLATpackR3: 16x300[W].  
  • isolated DMX input (NEUTRIK connectors)
  • RMS current measurement
  • electronic short circuit protection
  • electronic overload protection
  • 3 phase fed system power
  • temperature monitor
  • blower monitor
  • mains monitor with buzzer indication and automatic down in case of failures
  • channel preset setting with led indication
  • channel non-dim setting with led indication
  • active ceramic fuse sensing with alarm
  • status menu with diagnostic channel data: DMXin, Load
  • channel test button
  • triac & drivers placed in sockets
  • choice of 7 curves per dimmer, incl. non-dim
  • user interface with LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • GJC= Generator Jitter Compensation: prevents disfunction if powered by a portable generator
  • three years guarantee

  • Stichting Laswerk - theatre facilities - Amersfoort
  • Light Connection - advice and installation - Silvolde
  • Haags Conservatoruim
  • NEMO Amstedam
  • Stadshoftheater Vianen
  • Stadstheater Stockholm
  • Weight: 49,5[kg]
  • Total height, wheels included: 75[mm] 
  • Width: 535[mm]
  • Dept: 483[mm]
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