powerDAC8  TL is primarily designed to control dimmable electronic ballast (from PHILIPS, OSRAM, and HUCO) with DMX512 instead of 1-10V. There for it has an analogue output of 0-10V and a power switch, both controllable by the same DMX channel. The power switch is meant to switch the mains power of the ballast. The power switches have a hybrid structure; a snubberless triac handles the switching current and a relay the steady current. Switching action takes place at mains zero voltage crossing. Because of that all, each channel can control for example 18 ballasts with 50W lamps. One must realize that an electronical ballast can create an inrush current of about 20A. Read the ballast specification for that!
powerDAC8-TL can also be used as a DMX controlled switchpack with an additional demultiplexer. By internal jumper you can change settings, see features
  • DMX address setting: with led display and push buttons
  • ANALOGUE-out: 
    • on WAGO cage clamps 0.08-0.75mm2
    • sink/source capacity 20[mA]
    • adjustable 0-10[V] or 0-370[uA]
  • MAINS: 3P+N+E or 1P+N+E
  • DMX-input: 5 pole XLR male, NEUTRIK PCB- mounted
  • DMX-through: 5- pole XLR  female, NEUTRIK PCB- mounted 
  • DMX-switching threshold selectable through jumper-settings: 2% or 50%
  • Power switches on Wago cage  clamps, 0.08-2.5mm2, two clamps on each switch, leakage current  40[uA], switching current 200[A],  switch action at mains zero crossing, nominal current 16[A],  internal fused by 12.5[A] / slow, can  set potential free by removing fuses
  • Galvanically isolated DMX-in, fail safe for open and shorted input
  • Drives ohmic -, inductive - and capacitive loads
  • By internal jumper setting you can:
    • select two DMX levels for the switching point of the power switches,
    • set to hold DMX data upon loss of DMX signal or not,
    • select a special control curve for the analog output,
    • DMX channel sharing for the corresponding power switch and analog output or not,
    • skip the triac switch action from the power switch or not
  • All components are PCB mounted
  • 'Big Brother' concept - interactiv television program
  • Het vervolg - theatre company - Maastricht
  • Wanders Wonders - interior design - expo2000
  • Krasnapolsky - hotel - Amsterdam
  • Overhuys verlichting - lamps & armatures
  • Beam systems - installer - Amsterdam
  • Vorm&Decor - installer - Rotterdam
  • Lux Lumen - installer - Antwerpen
  • TAO - stand building - Leerdam
  • Single print: 213x135x30[mm]
  • Housing: 320x190x110[mm]
  • Weight (inclusive housing): 2,7 [kg]
  • Electronic ballast (TL) controller; DMX controlled dimmable fluorecent bulbes.
  • DMX controlled switchpack
  • DMX interface for electric motor powered motion control.
Directions for use: