X-point, version 3

X-point merges two separate DMX512 signals, emanating from different consoles, into one composite DMX512 signal. The merge principle can be set on HTP = Highest Takes Precedence or LTP = Latest Takes Precedence. In case LTP is selected X-point makes it possible to control completely the output of a DMX channel at two different places.
Beside straight forward merging X-point has the possibility of merging with a selectable DMX channel shift. For example if channel shift is set on 120, DMXchannel-1 of input-A will be merged with DMXchannel-121 of input-B and so on. This feature makes it possible to sequence the two incoming DMX signals.
A fader on the front of X-point gives the opportunity to remove input-A or -B smoothly from the out coming DMX signal. With this feature X-point can function as the connection between the main lighting console and a backup console. A special feature of X-point are the two outputs; each output is completely  galvanically isolated from each other. This means that X-point is a combination of a merger and a splitter.  
For each input the incoming data can set 'to be hold' or 'not to be hold' in a 'lost of signal' situation.


  • Merge principle can set on HTP or LTP
  • Merging with selectable shift, [0,...,512]
  • Fader for global reducing of incoming levels of input-A or -B
  • The two outputs with separate drivers and power supplies
  • Merger and splitter in one housing
  • Incoming data can set to be hold or not on lost of signal. 
Digital inputs and outputs: 
  • Protocol: DMX512 
  • Can handle and generate full speed DMX512
  • All inputs and outputs have separate power supplies and 
  • are galvanically isolated from each other. 
  • Protected against: open line situation, EMI and over-voltage.
  • All components are printed circuit board mounted
  • All DMX connectoren 5 pole NEUTRIK.
  •  483x44x104[mm], 1,95[kg]
  • Front: 2,5[mm] steel 
  • House: 2[mm] aluminium
  • 19-inch rack 1 HE
  • Stagelight - sales, rental and installation services - Den Bosch
  • Megalight - sales point - Belgium
  • Feiner - sales point - Germany
  • RVE - sales point - France
  • M.A.S.doo - installer - Slovenia
  • DEP - rental service audio/light - Gouda
  • Download latest version:
  • For earlier versions:
    • all needed instructions are printed on the console itself: no manual available
  • Merging of two DMX signals in one DMX signal.Backup configuration.
  • Building block in complex lighting installations.