The Toddler is an extremely compact, multipurpose lighting control desk. Because of its shrewd embedded software you only need the, in- and decremantal, rotary knob and a clear amount of buttons to create a complete professional lightshow. Check its features !
Its revolutionary design requires a different way of working, compared with traditional designed desks. But in fact the Toddler is far easier to use. Get the manual and see for yourself.
Because its shape and its features, the Toddler has a great count of applications: besides theatre, it is very suited for light control of expositions and in a architectural surrounding. If you connect a few remote controllers to the Toddler, you can activate scenes, loops and sequences at different locations in the room/building.  
  • Four  independent fade engines: one controllable with Toddler and remote preset buttons, the other three controllable with only  the remote preset buttons
  • Channel number/scene memories:
    • programmable:120/780, 240/420 or 512/210
  • Programmable scene attributes:
    • Fade in-, delay in-, fade out and delay out time (0.0-999.9[sec])
    • loop and loop-counts (1-254, infinite)
    • linked fades and linked loops
  • Fade possibilities:
    • manual fade, auto fade with manual overrule
    • auto follow, stop fade and cancel fade.
  • Scene sequences
    • manual- and auto sequence
    • programmable returns and jumps
  • Auto fade control:
    • Go-button and external go-button (wired & wireless)
    • Real time clock control
    • Remote preset control
    • MIDI.
    • SMPTE (optional)
  • Edit possibilities:
    • modify-, copy-, delete scene record.
    • Edit sequence list: shift record and skip block.
  • Programmable channel attributes:
    • patch to 512 DMX-out channels, proportional patch, patch shift 
    • Controlcurve separate for each control channel: NON-dim, linear, S-curve, trafo12V, NON-fade
    • Channel pairing for 16bits fades (moving lights
  • Backup with USB memory stick
  • Lock possibilitiy of user interface with pin-code
  • Multi media show: Toddler controlled by  MIDI- or SMPTE
  • Effect machine, controller desk extension (Toddler in merger mode)
  • Moving light controller (16 bits soft fades) in exhibitions
  • Real time clock queued lighting controller
  • Stand alone lighting controller for shows, performances, exhibitions and architectural lighting
  • Backup for large controller desks
  • Channel tester.
Special software version Toddler
Special made for the ‘Concertgebouw Amsterdam’ (classical music hall): a Toddler software version for controlling moving heads. 
You only have to operate the remote preset buttons; 16 buttons for choosing the positions, 16 buttons for choosing the colors, 16 buttons…etc. With this special Toddler you get five independent fade engines controllable with the remote preset buttons. 
The output of the Toddler is the H.T.P of these fade engines.
References for architectural lighting:
  • van Gogh museum - Amsterdam
  • Naturalis - nature/historical museum - Leiden
  • Openlucht museum Arnhem 
  • Wanders Wonders-interior design-Expo2000
  • Krasnalpolsky - hotel - Amsterdam
  • Golden Tullip - thema restaurant: 'Bedoeïnen'
  • de Balie - cultural/congress centre - A'dam
  • Gispen - shop window lighting - Den Haag
  • TAO - standbuilding - Leerdam
References for theatre lighting:
  • Concertgebouw - classical music hall - Amsterdam
  • Dogtroep - theatre company - Amsterdam
  • Het Veem - theatre - Amsterdam
  • Max Verstappen-puppeteer- VPROtelevision
  • Theater Andrayas - mime player - Switzerland

  • Mains:  220-230[V], 8[VA], 50....60[Hz].
  • Inputs: DMX512, MIDI, Remote controller, external go-button.
  • Outputs:DMX512
  • Dimensions: 260x178x60[mm], weight: 2[kg].