TL-rgb is designed to control four groups dimmable electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps by means of DMX512. To control the mains power for these ballast TL-rgb is equipped with four power switches; snubberless triacs. To control the lamp intensity the DMX512 signal is converted in a 0-10[V] analogue voltage. The power switch and the corresponding control voltage are steered by the same DMX-channel. The dimensions of TL-rgb are the same of a standaard ballast so it can easily built-in in a luminary.
  • Power switches: WAGO clamps, 0.5-1.5[mm2], Load 200[VA] max  ohmic and capacitive, switch action  at mains zero crossing, leakage  current 40[uA]
  • Mains 230V, 1P+N+E  200-240[V] on 10[A] euro connector or 
  • Optional: on 3 pooled Wago clapms,  0.08-2.5[mm2]
  • For each channel one manaul light setting is possible, which can be stored in memory
  • The digital input is galvanically isolated and protected against excessive voltage-noise up to industrial standards
  • All components are printed circuit board mounted
  • DMX in/through 5p NEUTRIK, PCB mounted or
  • Optional : on Neutrik RJ45 network connector
  • DMX-address set by 3-digit led display
  • Analog out: WAGO cage clamps  0.5-1.5[mm2], sink/source capacity  20[mA], V_out=0-10[V] or 0.8-10[V]

  • Domino hall
  • Werklicht
  • Beo/Trekwerk
  • Pulcinella Theatertechniek


  • Built-in dimensions WxDxH: 265x40x48[mm]
  • Weight: 0,49[kg]