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Upgrade Update Work-around bugs

With an upgrade new features are added. You can buy an upgrade for 22,7 Euro. (f 50,- Dutch florins).
Product Version      New features
Dimblock-V2 en Dimmypack-V2 3V4
  • GJC= Generator Jitter Compensation gives the possibility to adjust in the set-up the sensitiveness for jitter 

  • from 1 to 5 (less sensitive)
  • you can set a scene on the dimmer. 

  • Advantage: you don't have to use a control desk if you have a situation in which you only need one scene. All the software possibilities are kept. Only using 'IDA' (= individual dimmer addressing) and 'setting up a scene' can't be used at the same time.
Toddler2 3.0
  • you can make four different backups into a internal removable solid-state disk. 

  • This backup memory can be placed in another Toddler
  • MIDI handler listens only to Channel Messages type PROGRAM CHANGE
  • you can set a MIDI channel number
  • You can set a scene or sequence to start with the power-on of the Toddler
  • The internal clock can be used simultaneous with the Remote pre-set control or with MIDI
  • 16bits fade: you can set start and end with 16bits: 'channel pairing'
  • 'yes/no' adjustments can put directly in effect with REC/DEL button
  • consequently displayed: 'no scene choice'
  • you can set fast/slow DMX: 44[1/s] or 35[1/s]. Useful when your dimmers can't receive full speed DMX.
  • set fade time with scrollbuttons (fine) and MASTER (coarse) till 999.9[s]
  • to check softpatches: if you select controlchannel, you get directly the patched DMX channel
  • if a Toddler channel is patched to several DMX channels, the patches are displayed in a chase
  • ledGO starts blinking to indicate that the linked fades are still in progress, though the initiate fade is already done
  • by power-on the MASTER goes to 100%

  • With an update bugs are deleted
  • Updates are free
  • To check the software version of your product, you have to turn it on and watch the display
  • The software version will be displayed for a few moments
  • If you have an ealier version than in the table you should contact us for a free update
  • Products Versions
    for using analogue out 
    for using soft-fade 
    Princess1 1.6
    Dimblock-V2 en Dimmypack-V2 (with black schukos) 3V4
    Tripack-V1 3V4

    Work-around bugs
    Product Version Work-around bug
    Princess2 2.1 To clear all scenes
    Despite you have cleared all scenes, the Princess remembers the last scene you have faded-in, before power off. This special register is not cleared. This is a bug. To work-around: after clearing all scenes, you select zero, you fade in this scene, turn off the princess. Now all scenes are cleared.