The switchDAC-6 is a built-in unit, it converts DMX512 into six analogue control signals. The switchDAC-6 offers the possibility to control an analogue device (dimmer pack) with a DMX signal. Besides this conversion feature switchDAC6 is equipped with three power relays. The DMX512 signal controls these relays. By jumper setting you can set the analogue output 1, 2, 3 and relays 1, 2, 3 to share one DMX channel. Now the device can act as a control unit for dimmable electronic fluorescent ballast.  If you select no channel sharing the DMX-channels 7, 8 and 9 control the relays. The exact DMX- channel numbers depend on what you have selected as DMX start address, of course. There are two push buttons and a three digit led display to set the DMX start address. By jumper setting you determine whether the electronics is fed with 230[V] mains or 12[V] direct voltage on cage clamp terminals.  You can adjust  the maximum analogue output with a trim potentiometer from 0 up to 10[V] The switchDAC-6 consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) that is placed on a metal frame with four pressed nuts M3.  
  • Galvanically isolated DMX512 input
  • The unit has its own power-supply
  • Unit can be fed with 12[V] direct voltage
  • Last DMX-data hold capability, selectable by jumper setting
  • Three digit led display to set DMX512 address
  • Addressable from 1 to 999
  • NEUTRIK XLR connectoren
  • 6 analogue outputs
  • 3 power relays
  • Terminal blocks with cage clamps
  • Very small design
  • All components are printed circuit board mounted
  • Input: DMX512 full speed
  • Output: 0 to +10[V] or 0 to 370[µA]  on cage terminal blocks,
  • Mains: 230[V], 3[VA]
  • Direct volt. power:12[V], 200[mA]
  • Relay switch:6[A] switch, normally  open on cage terminal blocks.
Specification relays: contact normally open
Max. continuous current / max. switching current  6 / 10 A
Nominal voltage / max. switching voltage 250 / 400 V~
Max. switching power AC1 (ohmic resistance load) 1.500 VA
Max. switching power AC15 (inductive load: p.e. solenoid) 300 VA
Max. switching current DC1: (ohmic resistance load) 30 / 110 / 220 V 6  / 0,2 / 0,12 A
  • Concertgebouw - classical music hall - Amsterdam
  • Stopera - music theatre (and city hall)  - Amsterdam
  • Vlaamse opera - theatre - Belgium
  • Theaterhaus Stuttgart
  • AVS Lilienthal -informatie en media techniek
  • Built-in dimensions: 140x95x40[mm]
  • Weight: 0,48[kg]

Directions for use:

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