We repair all our products.

Bring  it yourself
You can bring them to us every day between 10 and 5 o'clock.
It's best to contact us beforhand to make sure we are there

With transporter
Please sent them well packed to:
Schoonloerstraat 54
9444 TH Grolloo, The Netherlands
Put in the package a note with discription of the problem and with your address for bill (if no garantee) and return
Business in the EU: please add your TAX number

We arrange the transport for you
If you have problems with the transport, we can order UPS to pick up the parcel.
Most of the time you need to be on the pick up address one part of the day (morning or afternoon)
Transport cost for pick up are €15 for packages untill 15kg (one dimblock), in the Netherlands.
For more than one parcel or heavier parcel or living outside the Netherlands please contact us:
*31 (0)294 266 328 or

We charge €50 for one hour work, inclusive small parts (IC, condensators, fuseholders, etc), exclusive TAX
Transport cost for return are €15
for packages untill 15kg (one dimblock).
Average we need 1 until 1,5 hour for a reparation.

Maintenances advise

For dimmers we advice a service turn once in the three years.
Take care that the blower is free of dust, and not blocked (use of a too long screw at back site dimmer)
For old type dimmer (fuseholders visible on the front):
- clean the fuseholders regularly of dust, sand etc,
- remove pitting on contact lips,
- bow the lips to the outsite

Faders are the vulnerable parts. Clean them once in a year with a high pressure air spray.
We don't advise contact spray for it attracks dirt
- use a flightcase for transport.
- use the flightcase on the right way (bottom down, cover up)
- be aware for spoiling liquid over the desk (cola is the most dangerous)
- use the faders with respect
- cover the desk when not used


On all our product: 3 years if used well