Remote preset controller-w

This remote is special designed for built-in applications; the electronics fit well in a flush-mounting junction box. It has eight buttons; six preset control buttons and a MASTER up and down scroll button. If you want to play back more than 6 presets from a distance, you can link several remotes with eachother. By internal jumper setting you can change the numbers of the preset control buttons with a multiple of six. The first remote has button 1-6, the second gets button 7-12 and so on. Another possibility is to use the next remote as an repeater, now you can play back the same presets from different locations in the room/building. More info about the internal jumper setting: see 'directions for use'
Each preset button has a LED that indicates whether the corresponding preset is active or not. A seperate LED  indicates the activity of another remote controller. You can use the key lock switch to block any operation at all.

You can link up till 4 preset controllers to each other. The total length of the cable can be up till 100 meters. The cabel must be a 4-core signal cable with a conductor area of 0,25[mm2]. The in/outlet is a 4-pole cage clamp terminal block. See 'directions for use' for more info.
  • front: 122x88[mm]
  • flush mounting junction box: 110x75x50[mm]
  • weight: 220[gr]
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Directions for use:  The directions for use are in pdf-format. You can read and print these with the 'Acrobat reader' software. Acrobat reader copy's are free available on internet: