Remote preset controller

The Remote preset controller has a solid metal housing with 8 buttons with indication leds and a key lock switch. From a distance you can play back 8 presets programmed in one of our lighting control desks or the dimBOX. You can link several remote preset controller to each other. You can play back up untill 32 presets or you can play back the same presets from different location in the room/building. You can set the remote preset controller  to act as an extension or a repeater.

You can link Remote preset controllers to each other. The maximum length of the cable depends on the condutcor diameter; with 0.25mm2 this could be at least 100 meter. The cable must be a 5 core signal cable with a conductor area of 0,25[mm]. The in- and outlets are standard 5 pin, 180 degree, DIN style connectors. See 'directions for use' for more info.

Different funcions buttons
By internal jumper setting you can change the function of  the 8 buttons:

See 'directions for use' for more info.
  • 147x92x45[mm]
  • weight: 0,5 [kg]

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    Directions for use:  The directions for use are in pdf-format. You can read and print these with the 'Acrobat reader' software. Acrobat reader copy's are free available on internet: