Remote preset button interface V1


The Remote preset button interface (short Remote) is meant to recall remotely the scenes or sequences made earlier in the Princess/Toddler/Spring/DimBOX with custom button’s or other switching elements. The closing time of the switching elements should be minimal 12[ms].

The interface consists of a PCB, on which is placed, among the necessary IC, a 4-fold WAGO cage clamps terminals (0-2,5[mm2]) for the connection with  Princess/Toddler/Spring/DimBOX and a 16-fold WAGO cage clamps terminals (0-0,5[mm2]) for connection with 8 off-loaded switches or other off-loaded switching contacts (PCB referents J4).

On the PCB you can find a 8-fold jumper block. With this you can change the funcntioning of the interface and change the function of the 8 buttons. .See 'directions for use' for more info.

The PCB is mounted in a box with the following measurement: 160x80x60[mm]. Three cable glands, M12 for cable diameter of 3-7mm, are there for the in- and out coming cables.

You can link Remote preset controllers to each other. The maximum length of the cable depends on the condutcor diameter; with 0.25mm2 this could be at least 100 meter. The cable must be a 4 core signal cable with a conductor area of 0,25[mm]. See 'directions for use' for more info.

  • 160x80x60[mm]
  • weight: 0,5 [kg]

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