Princess staan 
The Princess is a memory lighting control desk for 12 channels. It has a memory for 250 scenes (110 for PrincessV2) incl. 2 loops. You work on a monofaderbank with 12 faders. To make a preset, without interfering in the present scene, you switch from live scene control to next scene control.
There even is a third option: the submaster mode. In the submaster mode the faders function as submasters (and the fader-buttons as GO buttons). This makes it possible to add 10 extra scenes and 2 loops to the actual scene, that you play from your memory.
Switching between memory play, scene control and the edit mode is unconditioned. For instance, you can switch to next scene control and make a manual cross fade to a scene made instantaneously, while 'submaster' fades and loops are still in progress.
As you see, you can setup the Princess as a sophisticated memory desk. However, you can also use it as a simple manual control desk. The Princess can function as a (MIDI)slave lighting control unit in a complex AV-installation or as an independent controller unit for pubs, clubs and other public places. The Princess has been especially designed for rental service, architectonic purposes, bands and performances on location, such as in schools and community centers.
If you connect a few remote controllers to the Princess, you can control the light at different locations in the room/building.
  • 12 channels,  scene building with 12 faders
  •  memory capacity: 250 scene memories
  • 10 extra submasters / GO buttons
  • 2 loops by defining a sequence of scenes in memory
  • 11 auto fades (GO's) and 2 loops play simultaneously
  • programmable fade times
  • editing 'on the fly', live and blind
  • memory pre-view, copy, delete and insert
  • channel level indication by led and in percents on display
  • soft patch of 12 steering channels to 512 DMX-channels
  • block flash and change soft patch
  • set user level 0,1,2
  • Mains: 220-230[V], 50......60[Hz]
  • Inputs: DMX512, MIDI, remote preset control, external Go-button
  • Outputs: DMX512, analogue 0 - 10[V] or 0 -370[µA]
  • Dimensions: 275x178x60[mm], 2 [kg]
  • Orkater - theatre company - Amsterdam
  • Theatercompagnie - theatre - Amsterdam
  • VHS - installer - Amsterdam
  • Theater van de Droom - mime - Jeroen Boerwinkel
  • Beo - sale, creative & technical support - uses Princess often for auditoral lighting
  • Megalight - salespoint - Belgium
  • RVE - salespoint - France
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