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Products under development:

After the succes of the Leddriver12, the solutions for Utopia and the Jaarbeurshal in Utrecht, we upgraded the Ledriver to  16 channels with a 19-inch forn factor (like the Matrix and Flatpack)
Deliverable at the end of may 2015
Na het succes van Leddriver12, o.a ingezet bij Utopia en de Jaarbeurshal Utrecht, wordt de Leddriver ge-upgrade naar een 16 kanaals uitvoering met 19-inch form factor (zoals de Matrix en Flatpack).
Leverbaar eind mei 2015

Latest releases:

New features:
  • USB memory stick
  • 24 or 72 channels (3 banks)
  • Option: VGA monitor
  • DMX-input
  • 768 memories (instead of 250)
  • linked fade possible
  • lock possiblity of the user interface with pin-code
  • control curve separate for eache control dimmer: non-fade, non-dim, linear, s-curve, trafo12V
  • view selected memory in attribute mode on or off
  • channel pairing for 16bits fades (moving lights)
  • view channel level in percents or byte values
  • item change with digit and scroll buttons
  • in subMASTER mode: the lower fader bank are submasters and the upper bank are channel faders
  • channel flash and subMASTER flash
  • preview with level-leds
  • no anolog output
spring with monitor
New features:
  • USB memory stick
  • view selected memory in attribute mode on or off
  • non-fade
New features:
  • DMX in
  • More memories
  • Better MIDI performance
  • Better Remote Control handling (talk back)
princess front