dimmers with CEE-form 
dimmypack  6x CEE-form 16A 3p + 1x harting type connector
dimBLOCK 12x CEE-form 16A 3p + 1x harting type connector

3 phase power rail
dimmypack 2x CEE-form 5p
dimBLOCK 4x CEE-form 5p  

dimmmers with socapex
dimmypack: 6x schuko + 1x socapex
dimBLOCK: 12x schuko + 1x socapex
dimmers with harting 24p
dimmypack: 6x schuko + 1x harting 24p
dimBLOCK: 12x schuko + 1x harting 24p
dimmypacks on stack
To pile up dimmypacks we can make a special model with the user interface on a side panel. In this way you have a flexible amount of dimmers at your disposal, it is easy to build up, to extend or to break it down and to rebuild it on another location.