Old Manuals

The latest version of the manual of a product you find on the page to promote the product; look for the head "manual"
In this table you find the manauls of older products and their different versions

Software version:
  • To select the manual you need, you have to know the software version of your product. Turn the product on and look at the display. The software version is shown on the display for a few moments. 
  • If there has been nothing displayed, you have to download the oldest version. 
  • Is your product not on the list, par exemple Toddler1 with LED-display, please contact us. 
  • The manuals are in pdf-format. You can read and print the manuals with the 'Acrobat reader' software. Acrobat reader copy's are free available on internet:
Lighting Control Desks Software version Dutch English
Angel from V2.x An1nl2-1.pdf  (send an Email) An1en2-1.pdf  (send an Email)
Toddler2 from V2.x Td2nl2-0.pdf  (send an Email) Td2en2-0.pdf
from V4.x Td2nl4-0.pdf Td2en3-0.pdf
Toddler3 from V1.x Td3nl1-0.pdf Td3en1-0.pdf
Toddler4 from V1.x Td4nl1-0.pdf Td4en1-0.pdf
Toddler5 from V1.x tddr500n.pdf tddr500e.pdf  (send an Email)
  from V1.3 tddr513n.pdf tddr513e.pdf
Princess from V1.x Pr1nl1-2.pdf  (send an Email) Pr1en1-2.pdf  (send an Email)
from V1.7 Pr1nl1-7.pdf Pr1en1-7.pdf
Princess2 from V2.x Pr2nl2-1.pdf Pr2en2-1.pdf
Spring1 from 1V0.0 Sp1nl1-2.pdf Sp1en1-2.pdf
Spring2 from2V0.0 Sp2nl1-2.pdf  (send an Email) Sp2en1-2.pdf  (send an Email)
from2V1.5 Sp2nl1-5.pdf Sp2en1-5.pdf
Dimmers Software version Dutch English
Dimmers, blue schuko's all Dibnl2-0.pdf x
Dimmers, black schuko's from 3V4 Diznl3-4.pdf x
from 3V8 Diznl3-8.pdf Dizen3-8.pdf
Dimmers V3, electronic fuses* from 4V0.0 Diznl4-0.pdf Dizen4-0.pdf
from 4V1.1 Diznl4-4.pdf  Dizen4-4.pdf
from 4R4 2.x dim4402n.pdf dim4402e.pdf
Tripack5 from 1V4 Ditnl1-4.pdf Diten1-4.pdf
from 3V0 Ditnl3-0.pdf Diten3-0.pdf
Dimbox from 0.0 dbx1r1nl.pdf x
from 4.0 dbx4r1nl.pdf dbx4r1en.pdf
Lucifer from V1.1 Luci-nl1.pdf Luci-en1.pdf
Flatpack from v1.x Flatnl1.pdf Flaten1.pdf
Network/Conversion products Software version Dutch English
X-point from 3v1.0 Xp3nl1-0.pdf Xp3en1-0.pdf
TLrgb from V1.0 Trgb101n.pdf Trgb100e.pdf
  from V2.0 Trgb200n.pdf Trgb200e.pdf
from V3.0 Trgb300n.pdf Trgb300e.pdf

*dimmers V3, elektronic fuses are: dimBLOCK, dimmypack and CUBYdim.