LEDdriver12Front leddriver

LEDdriver12 is a DMX512 steered 12-fold dimmer pack for flicker free dimming of led-panels, led-downlights, led-strips etc. This device (plus a DC-voltage supply) replaces the more or less dimmable common drivers/adapters, needed to connect led light sources on mains.

LEDdriver12 gives you the possibility to dim led light sources like led-panels, led-downlights etc. with the same quality as is possible for standard halogen lamps by use of a triacdimmer. With LEDdriver12 you get an absolute flicker free led lighting. It is the best choice for TV-studios, film-studios, film halls, theater halls etc. The lighting system is buildup by one or more LEDdriver12, an equal amount DC-power supplies, DMX-controller and the led light sources.

On one LEDdriver12 you can only connect led light sources with the same nominal working voltage. The output voltage of the DC-power supply must match with this led voltage. For example led down-lights working on 32V need a power supply of about 36V. For the highest efficiency you have to adjust the output voltage of the power supply to the lowest value at which you get the maximum luminous efficiency of the LED-light.

LEDdriver12 controls the light intensity of the connected led light source by controlling the current flowing through the leds from zero up till a certain value at which the maximum light intensity will be produced.


  • 12 channels dmx controlled current source for absolute flicker free dimming of LED lights 
  • For each channel the maximum output current can be set from 0,1[A ] up till 3,6[A.] To get a higher drive capacity it is possible to connect two or more outputs in parallel.
  • For each channel nine different control curves can be set: non-dim, linear and 7 different  LED light curves
  • Power supply voltage may lay in the range of 12V,....,60V
  • 3-digit led display for setting and displaying the DMX address
  • DMX512 input galvanic isolated, fail save for open input and protected against over voltage. 
  • Led indication for DMX512 present
  • Hold of DMX-data by lost of signal can be set on or off
  • All components are PCB mounted (no internal wiring)
  • Very compact design suitable for distributed placement
  • Power supply inlet: 4-pole male WAGO connector (42[A]); LEDdriver12 comes with a 4-pole female WAGO connector to connect the power supply.
  • The output is on three times an 8-pole female WAGO connectors; LEDdriver12 will be delivered inclusive three 8-pole WAGO male connectors
  • DMX-input: 5 pole XLR male, NEUTRIK, PCB- mounted 
  • DMX-through: 5- pole XLR  female, NEUTRIK, PCB- mounted 
  • Lichtmacht - Utopia
  • Controllux - Jaarbeurs Utrecht
  • 145x235x43mm
  • Weight: 1,2 [kg]
Manual: Acessoires:
  • MEAN-WELL switched mode power supply
  • Two wall straps for wall mounting purposes