Bi-directrional active splitter for DMX512 in 19 inch housing

Bi-directional means the possibility to handle also feedback data from the DMX512 driven devices.
In fact ISO2-4 holds two completely separate bi-directional active splitters to handle two separate DMX-data links. Each splitter has a DMX-in, a DMX through and three isolated DMX out. You can set these splitters in cascade to get one DMX in, one DMX through and six isolated DMX out.
ISO2-4 is designed with NEUTRIK-5p connectors. More information about how to build a DMX network, you find on the service pages: 'All about DMX512'
  • Bi-directional active splitter
  • Led indication for DMX present
Digital inputs and outputs:
  • All inputs and outputs have seperated power supplies and are galvanically isolated from each other, except DMX through
  • Protected against: open line situation, EMI, and over-voltage
  • All components are printed circuit board mounted
  • Concertgebouw - classical music hall - Amsterdam
  • Els inc. - theatre company - Schiedam
  • AMPS Torfs - installer - Maaseik Belgium
  • VHS - installer - Amsterdam
  • HLM - rental service - Baarn
  • 19 inch housing
  • 483x44x104[mm]
  • front: 2,5[mm] steel
  • house: 2[mm] aluminium
  • weight: 2,5 kg