GO button

With an external GO button you can start a crossfade while you don't have to stand right in front of your lighting control desk. The external GO-button has a polyester housing. We have a model you can operate by hand and a model you can operate by foot. The one you operate by foot does not have the same colours as on the picture. At moment it is delivered in yellow, and the cable is grey.

You can link up several GO button to each other. Than you need the GO button with two entrys. The total length of the cable can be up till 100 meter. The cable can be a 3 core signal cable with a conductor area of 0,25[mm2]. (The thrid core in the cable  is for the signal led) The in- and outlets are standard 5 pin, 180 degree, DIN style connectors. See installation guide for more info. 

Directions for use:

The directions for use are in pdf-format. You can read and print these with the 'Acrobat reader' software. Acrobat reader copy's are free available on internet:

handmodel: 65x50x30 [mm]
footmodel: 95x70x25 [mm]

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