Building blocks for dimmer stack

New in our dimmer series are buidling blocks to create a 19-inch dimmer stack.  These building blocks consist of a 12-fold dimmer module TDM12, an outlet panel HSP12 and a power inlet panel PP63. We deliver these modules separately or assembled in a flight case; than you get a  24-fold dimmer cube, called CUBYdim.
Other Theater Technisch Lab dimmers are: dimBLOCK 12x2.5[kW], Dimmypack: 6x2,5[kW], Tripack5: 3x5[kW],  DimBOX: 12x1[kW] and FLATpackR3: 16x300[W].

TDM12 is a 12-fold dimmer module in a 19-inch housing. From an electronic point of view this dimmer is exactly the same as dimBLOCK-V3. The DMX512-in and through are located at the left side; dimmer modules should be tied together with 90 degree 5p-XLR connectors. The power-in and out connections are served by WAGO 32A cage clamps located at the backside.

Specifications TDM12:
  • Weight: 9.35[kg]
  • Height: 221[mm] (=5U)
  • Width: 19[inch] 
  • Dept: 162[mm]
HSP12 is a 12-channel outlet panel. 
Each channel is wired at one schuko and two 16-pole harting type connectors.

Specifications HSP12:
  • Weight: 2.6[kg]
  • Height: 175[mm] (=4U)
  • Width: 19[inch]
  • Dept: 45[mm]
PP63 is a power inlet panel meant to feed two TDM12 dimmer modules. This panel holds a 63A 5-pole CEE-form power inlet, an earth leakage protection and a 3-pole magnetic circuit breaker for each dimmer module. Further an earth leakage - and over current protected schuko outlet 230V and the DMX-in and through connectors.

Specifications PP63:
  • Weight: 5.7[kg] 
  • Height: 130[mm] (=3U)
  • Width: 19[inch] 
  • Dept: 80[mm]

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