Dimmer installations

Theater Technisch Lab dimmers are easy to instal. You can make a wall-mounted dimmer installation with common prefabricated ducting   
Wall mounted dimmers with hard-patch

Wall mounted dimmer stack


Installation kit for hardwired dimmers

This kit consist of:
  • an ABS terminal enclosure with cabel glands 12x M20, 4x PG21 and a slit for the dimmer terminal block.
  • a neutral terminal rail
  • an earth terminal rail
  • two dimmer wall stand offs

Download the directions for use:
  • English: dimkiten.pdf
  • Dutch: dimkitnl.pdf
  • There are two pages. It contains several schematic drawings and some text.(it is quite a large file)

    The directions for use are in pdf-format. You can read and print these with the 'Acrobat reader' software. Acrobat reader copy's are free available on internet: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html


    You can contact us for more information about the common prefabricated ducting material