DAC48 front 
The DAC48-V3 is a 48-fold DMX512 to analogue out convertor. The voltage can be trimmed internally. This demultiplexer can generate positive and negative voltage output, as well as current output. A diagram on the rear of the unit clearly describes how the default factory settings (positive 10 volts) can be changed.
Extend the drive capacity for powering LEDs by use of an external power supply is possible (Imax = 200mA per channel)

  • The digital input is galvanically isolated and protected against excessive voltage-noise up to industrial standards
  • Extended drive capacity for powering LEDs by use of an external power supply (V=7...18V), Imax  = 10[A] max, Imax per channel = 200[mA]
  • The last DMX-data can set to be hold 
  • All components are printed circuit board mounted
  • Three control curves selectable : NON-dim, linear and S-curve
  • Addressable from 1 to 999 on digital display
  • Galvanically isolated
  • DMX512 hold capabilitybwith led indication.
  • Trimmable Voltage-drive: 0 to +10[V] or 0 to -10[V]
  • Trimmable current-drive: 0 to 370 [µA]
  • Via 2x25-poled sub-D female connector
DAC48 back
  • Koninklijk Conservatorium - Den Haag
  • Danswerkplaats - theatre - Amsterdam
  • Tejater Achterom - theatre - Hilversum
  • De Maaspoort - theatre - Venlo
  • De Lindenberg - theatre - Nijmegen
  • AWS Licht & Video - rental service - A'dam
  • 19-inch rack 1HE. 
  • 483x44x104[mm]
  • Front: 2,5[mm] steel. 
  • House: 2[mm] aluminium. 
  • Weight: 1,9[kg].