Toddler: at the top on Expo 2000

-theatre technique used for architectural lighting-

Artistic lighting by Toddler
The Toddler creates 'dynamic light' in the 'Royal Wing Room'(VIP room), exactly as the interior architects had planned in their design. On the roof of the Dutch pavilion at the Expo 2000 are windmills standing in water. A grass covered island is situated in the centre of the water. Inside this island is the Royal Wing Room.
Eight atmospheres
The artistic lighting has to be made for eight different atmospheres, like: entry, dinner, lecture, dance, etc. Two Remote pre-set controllers are used: each button of the Remote provides the 'dynamic light' for a different atmosphere. The Toddler is built in and you can only see the buttons of the Remotes. Now anyone can operate the light.

A carillon playing at random
At the same time a carillon must be activated. The pulse, necessary for the functioning of the carillon, can also be generated by the Toddler. The sequence for the carillon is linked to a certain pre-set. The carillon plays automatically each time the concerning pre-set fades in.

Advantages of the Toddler

  • compact design: easy to build in
  • easy to operate
  • maintenance free
  • offering every professional possibility to program and play a complex light show
  • profitable ratio of price to quality
More info
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